Research & Practice


Immersive Experiences

UX & Storytelling on XR and Metaverse


Interactive Installations

Videos that engage audience through their body


Tangible & Sensory

Multi-sensory interactions for meaning-making

emerging media arts

The emerging media arts group, led by Professor Jean Ho Chu, who is an assistant professor and the director at Sogang University within the Art & Technology program, comprises a diverse group of master's students from the same program. The group is dedicated to exploring the creative application of digital technology in artistic expression, collaboration, and social intervention. Our research is centered on AR/VR, interaction design, new media aesthetics, embodied interaction, digital cultural heritage, participation, and museum experience design.

In particular, we focus on designing and prototyping interactive applications that probe how digital media can amplify our sensory experiences, cognitive processes, and expressive capabilities through bodily interaction. Our approach is inherently transdisciplinary, blending art & design with humanities studies and technology. The breadth of our research covers Digital Media Art, Interactive Performance, Human-Computer Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Tangible and Embodied Interaction, Critical Making, and beyond.

Waiting for New Students to Join

We are waiting for artists, designers, makers, and HCI researchers with diverse interests and ideas to join. Students who are interested in any of these subjects or students with new ideas are welcomed to discuss with the director at